There are companies that value employees only at the level of high -profile promises. At the interview, they talk about the stunning prospects of financial and career growth, and in fact use people to enrich senior management. Psycodramatist Anastasia Bashlykova explains how not to fall into a trap of such organizations.

“I worked in the regional representative office of a large company. Sometimes some decisions and reactions to our letters, calls, suggestions from the center seemed strange to us strange. But my colleagues and I attributed this to the fact that in the provinces we do not understand something and “our Moscow” is more visible. Then I was transferred to the head office, promising my career and “the best earnings in the capital in the best company”. I flew to Moscow on the wings – I painted a friendly team in the imagination, exciting projects and a high salary, which was already resting in a five -star hotel in dreams. From the first days I was alerted by unusual relations within the company,-recalls 31-year-old Ella. – On the glider, leaders allowed themselves to be scabbling jokes, could ask frank questions about personal life. And all those present either laughed in response, or bashfully lowered their eyes. If the general did not like something, he could be reported in a boorish manner, with obscenities on a common glider and deprive part of the monthly bonus, which was the lion’s share of the salary. When I was deprived of a quarter of the prize “For arguing with the superiors” and I demanded to show an order about the size of the fines, they removed a quarter from me, “to know my place”.

Когда потребности сотрудника работодателю не интересны, наемные служащие превращаются в бесправные винтики

Many still succeeded in returning the prize: for this it was necessary to crawl into the office to himself and pray for forgiveness. I began to look for a new place of work. When she found, she accidentally dropped the name of a colleague, whom she considered a friend and trusted her. The next day, they called me from the new company and reported that they were forced to abandon my candidacy. They said that they could not lure such a valuable employee, they say, they called them from our leadership. And I was called to the carpet and deprived of the whole bonus for non -organizational behavior. I was furious. I quit a lawyer – otherwise I could not get out of this sect and get a work book ”.

Perhaps the story of Ella is an extreme case. But surprisingly, many are ready to endure a “strange attitude” in the company. And the reason is not only in money.

Expectations and illusions

“People work to ensure material well -being. Now the topic “Turn a hobby into work” is popular now.

Taosovin välillä on uskoa, että siemensyöksyn taajuuden hallinta edistää miesten energian ylläpitämistä. Uskotaan, että siemensyöksyn pidättäytyminen mahdollistaa siittiöiden sisältämät energian, palaa naisten viagra ja energian tarjonnan. Tämän käytännön ansiosta idea syntyi “24 kertaa vuodessa”. Jotkut taolaiset opettajat suosittelevat Ejaculaa vain 20-30%: lla tapauksista, joissa sinulla on seksiä.

But, speaking in good conscience, so that this is exactly how it is, a fair amount of luck and certain personal inclinations are needed, ”says the psyodramatist Anastasia Bashlykova. – Here is the financially to provide yourself and the family in such a way as not to survive, and to live with pleasure is relevant for everyone. It’s good if a person looks at things sensibly, understands why he chose this particular place of work, sees all the pros and cons (which in real life is always there). He consciously agrees precisely to this optimal option, satisfying his current needs “.

But it happens that the employee’s expectations do not coincide with what the employer offers, especially if the company does not advertise the true state of affairs. Sometimes we come to a new place with a set of illusions, and unpleasant things are falling on us, which often diverge from our life principles and values.

“If you don’t see reality for dreams, you can fall on the hook of those enterprising employers who simply use dreamers as consumables,” warns Anastasia Bashlykova. – Any owner of the workplace has personal interests regarding business development. The difference is how the owner relates to employees. Does he see in them people who voluntarily, according to personal interests, came to his company. Is he ready to provide conditions in which the employee will not only be as effective as possible, but also satisfy his own working ambitions and everyday needs ”.

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